Spoken Prayer // You Have Helped Me to Grow in Kind Ways

Spoken Prayer // You Have Helped Me to Grow in Kind Ways

Understanding that one of the purposes in life is to grow spiritually, it is therefore necessary to have events, people, and times in our lives, which by we grow, and transform. Understanding that this gentle resistance is useful in growing spiritually, I thank God, that He sends the most kindest and loving events with which to grow through, always knowing that God only gives what I can handle. And when the times are especially memorable and positive, I thank God all the more.

One should note that this is being reckless or foolish with one’s life, and then being upset about the consequences. When you live a peaceful life, and intend no harm toward others, a special place of peace and serenity can be found in which to live. It is in this place, that God will gentle correction will be most noticed. The perspective of that is not fair, will always hide, and kindness that could be spotted. For one who wishes to be like God, must understand that one’s mind must first be raised to a higher perspective, that does not live only in the moment, for God’s plans are greater than a single situation or single event. To rise above, means to look for meaning that is greater than just a single event of life, and learn to see how a bigger pattern emerges, which if looked for, may bring a different mindset.If you are not looking to grow, then of course, you may not see the kind hand of God, not bother to look for it, and you will ask many questions, for which you will not find suitable or fulfilling answers.

format: Y-M-D
music: 2017-04-20
bpm: 107
vocal: 2017-03-20 no.3


Apple Logic
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
Behring ADA8200 (with Midas preamps)
iZotope Ozone7

Rhythm Guitar:
BlackHeart BH100H FNLoud Channel
(12:00 == 5.0)
Gain: 7.0
Level: 10.0
Treble: 5.0
Middle: 4.0
Bass: 6.0
Volume: 0.75
Presence: 5.0
Power: Half
Class: A
Peavey Windsor 412 Cabinet
Shure SM57
Lead Guitar Left/Right:
Peavey 3120 (2015 model)
(12:00 == 6.0 / 0-12/13 scale)
Lead Channel:
Gain: 3.0
Volume: 10.0
Bass: 5.0
Middle: 1.0
Treble: 8.5
Master: 1.5
Ephiphone Triggerman 412
Shure SM57

Masada Bass
Peavey VK100 Head
(12:00 = 5.0)
-Clean Channel-(selected)
Bright: off
Treble: 4
Middle: 5
Bass: 7
Volume: 4
-Lead Channel-
Treble: 0
Bass: 6
Volume: 4
Gain: 4
Boost Volume: off
Gain: off
Reverb: 2
Presence: 0
Resonance: 0
Texture: Class A
Acoustic B210 Neo
EV C04

iZotope BreakTweaker

Arturia ProphetV
Akai TimbreWolf

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