Spoken Prayer // There is no Less of You

Spoken Prayer // There is no Less of You

A reminder to be grateful, and to know that no matter how much I become like Christ, no matter how much I might express or represent God, that no matter how much more God may be perceivable in me, that when I may seem greater, there is no less of God. I can not take away from God, I can not diminish God, by being more like God. I can not make God any less by being more like Christ. Just like a child can not take the place of a parent, all we who are born of Spirit, all called God’s children, and it is open to all, for all, without limitation. If you choose to be called God’s child, and thus intentionally transform your mind and soul to become more like Christ, than you shall reflect the nature and character of God, and your reflection, shall not diminish God’s own reflection.

format: Y-M-D
music: 2017-02-09
bpm: 89
vocal: 2017-03-25 no.1


Apple Logic
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
Behring ADA8200 (with Midas preamps)
iZotope Ozone7

Rhythm Guitar:
Ibanez Artcore

Lead Guitar:
Ibanez Artcore

Ibanez SR2010ASC

iZotope BreakTweaker
PDP Drum Kit with Sabian and Zildjan cymbals
AKG C3000, overheads
AKG C3000, overheads
MXR v63m, kick drum
MXR 551 snare drum

Arturia Stage73V
Arturia Synclavier

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