Spoken Prayer // Help Me to Feel What I Know

Spoken Prayer // Help Me to Feel What I Know

Feeling, and knowing and trusting, can work together, but it takes time for what you know to become what you trust, and for what you know to lead your feelings. In this prayer I am asking God to help remind me again, that what I want to do is to feel from the knowing, from the center, the source, from God. To know God is to trust God.

As I reflect I think,I know that feelings come from belief. What I am really getting at here, is that even if you know, you can not trust those feelings to be true, and you can doubt those feelings, even the feelings that follow and come from what you believe. So what I am really asking here, is for God to help me reestablish those feelings that come from belief. When I was much younger, I had gotten caught up in a situation which caused me to doubt all my feelings. Of course, at that time, I felt disconnected from God, before I really understood what had happened. As I healed, and regrew, I came to learn, that I had never disconnected from God, I only had thought that I did. My thoughts needed to be cleaned up, and then my feelings needed to be cleaned up and sorted out, and after a long process of self-awareness, was I able to trust those feelings again, and feel more connected to God, without all the hype, or high emotion, that I had been presented with before.

In my case, I met God when I was 2. I had a genuine understanding and connection with God, and that was corrupted by a false sense of connection that I learned (had been taught). The false sense was that there was a mixture of real and false teaching that was so intertwined, that it was not possible to discern and understand the flaws when I was of a younger mind. What I had to do, was then let go of what I had been taught and fall back to the real and genuine connection that I had with God when I younger. I can tell you, and I speak truly, that the best one to teach you about God, is God Himself. If you submit to that teaching, then you will get a much freer and truer picture of things. I think about Peter and Paul, and the dream about what foods that they were permitted to eat. Man lives in a world full of laws, you can read about between Exodus and Deuteronomy, and learn that 10 simple commands where expounded to 613 commands. For those who live in the world, the 613 need to be studied and observed, but for those who take God as the teacher, the 10 are sufficient, and for those who model Christ, only two are needed to be remembered.

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