Spoken Prayer // Show Me a Better Path

Spoken Prayer // Show Me a Better Path

A cry to God, to draw me towards himself, when I am fully distracted and caught up in this world, in the carnal senses, being reactionary, tossed about the waves of life.

When realizing that I have descended in thought, a reminder to raise my thoughts again, and see outside of this present moment, and look for larger things at work, often can instantly change an attitude and readjust perspective, to see how to overcome, or that this single event, is not as bothersome as I once had thought. Mostly this prayer is prayed when my actions become not what I intend. I reflect on how people deal with anger for instance, and realize that expressing anger, only creates more anger. Time is the only thing which subsides anger. Anger flees in time whether or not it is expressed in action. Understanding this, then, when I find myself, about to unleash the emotion of anger, I step back, and ask God, is that the best way to deal with this, what is making me angry, and is it justified, and how do I best deal with this situation or event, and how can I grow through it. Typically after a series of that dialogue, anger goes away, and a better solution is found, as my mind is raised to a higher more relaxed plane, where understanding, insight, and clarity are more freely accessed.

format: Y-M-D
music: 2017-04-15
bpm: 126
vocal: 2017-03-20 no.4


Apple Logic
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
Behring ADA8200 (with Midas preamps)
iZotope Ozone7

Rhythm Guitar:
Peavey 3120 (2015 model)
(12:00 == 6.0 / 0-12/13 scale)
Clean Channel:
Volume: 10.0
Bass: 5.0
Middle: 4.0
Treble: 9.0
Master: 1.0
Ibanez RG4EXFM1
Ephiphone Triggerman 412
Shure SM57
Masada Bass
Peavey VK100 Head
(12:00 = 5.0)
-Clean Channel-
Bright: off
Treble: 4
Middle: 5
Bass: 7
Volume: 4
-Lead Channel-(selected)
Treble: 0
Bass: 7
Volume: 4
Gain: 4
Boost Volume: off
Gain: off
Reverb: 2
Presence: 0
Resonance: 0
Texture: Class A
Acoustic B210 Neo
EV C04

PDP Drum kit, with Zildjan and Sabian cymbals
AKG C3000 – Cymbals
AKG C3000 – Cymbals
MXL V43M – Kick
MXL 551 – Snare

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