Spoken Prayer // Overcome Stumbling Blocks

Spoken Prayer // Overcome Stumbling Blocks

For those times, when you feel caught in the under toe, or taken by surprise. Those triggers from your past, become stumbling blocks, and cause us to react in reactive ways, to not handle situations the best. So I pray for those stumbling blocks and those triggers to become known to me so that I can deal with them.

One successful technique to become less reactive is to practice fire drills, that is to prepare for events and situations in advance, before they ever happen. That way when you face a situation, you can act with a plan, and without a storm of emotions. Preparing means to deal with an event or situation without being fully emotionally engaged. One thing that I practice is removing myself from emotions, and then accessing a situation, once clarity has set in, then I engage emotions to help and support the plan of action.

One thing to note, is that to avoid stumbling blocks, one must become aware of the fact that, you can avoid them, and that it is possible to reach that goal. To do this, you must believe that your life can change, and that you have some kind of input and choice into making that come about. It is not you alone that brings about this shift, but your shear desire to no longer wanting to stumble, and an adjustment in desire to long for peace and harmony, along with outside help, can make this a reality for anyone who wishes it. In other words, if you repeat the same behavior you may repeat the same consequences. This is an adjustment is no longer wanting to repeat the same behavior, to instead make new and different choices, which lead a different direction. When you no longer crave drama in your life, and you want out, then this kind of prayer is a gateway of hope, that you can find a way out.

format: Y-M-D
music: 2017-03-20
bpm: 89
vocal: 2017-03-20 no.5


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